Sexually motivated offenses are prosecuted to the fullest extent in Florida, especially Duval County. These types of charges carry a stigma even if no formal charges are filed or charges are reduced to a non sex-related offense. At The Law Office of Tiffany H. Poore, we have defended people accused of a variety of these offenses. As an attorney in the Major Crimes Division at the Public Defender’s Office, Tiffany H. Poore represented adults as well as juveniles facing these serious allegations.

A number of these offenses by law carry minimum mandatory prison sentences as well as strict sex offender probation. The cases are very sensitive in nature whether the alleged victim is an adult or child. At The Law Office of Tiffany H. Poore, we have conducted depositions of both adults and children and have successfully argued against the State’s “Williams Rule” Motions. While trial is difficult for all parties involved, we have the experience necessary and are ready to defend you to the fullest extent.

If you or a loved one have been arrested or even questioned by a law enforcement officer regarding a sexually motivated offense, contact The Law Office of Tiffany H. Poore to discuss your options.

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