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At The Law Office of Tiffany H. Poore, our goal is simple: to effectively lead you through a difficult and stressful time and work with you to come to an acceptable resolution. Mrs. Poore has practiced criminal defense since 2006 and has defended thousands of clients. She will use her knowledge of the law and years of experience in the courtroom to fight for you in a world where the tables may seem stacked against you. You are not just a case number at The Law Office of Tiffany H. Poore - you are person with rights, and we will work diligently to protect those rights. You deserve and will receive personalized representation because every person is different and every case is unique.

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You deserve and will receive personalized representation because every person is different and every case is unique.

Helping You Find Your Way


Driving Under The Influence

Driving Under the Influence or DUI (also known as DWI in some jurisdictions) can range from a 1st degree misdemeanor...
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Drug Offenses

Drug charges vary from misdemeanors to felonies. All carry the potential for a permanent criminal record and jail time. While...
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First Appearance and Bond Reductions

According to Florida law, within 24 hours after a physical arrest is made, the person must appear before a judge...
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Juvenile Court

Juvenile court, although separate from regular criminal court, can be just as intimidating. Juvenile sanctions vary from adult sentences,...
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Property Crimes

Property crimes in Florida can include trespass, criminal mischief, burglary, possession of burglary tools, and arson. At The Law...
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Sex Crimes

Sexually motivated offenses are prosecuted to the fullest extent in Florida, especially Duval County. These types of charges carry...
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Theft Crimes

Theft crimes under Florida law include misdemeanor petit theft, retail theft, and writing a worthless check as well as felonies...
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Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can range from civil non-moving and moving violations to criminal traffic violations. All can have a negative impact...
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Violations of Probation / Community Control

Violations of probation or community control can range from a new arrest to failure to pay court costs. Conditions...
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Violent Crimes

We have extensive experience in all types of violent crimes at The Law Office of Tiffany H. Poore and...
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Weapon & Gun Charges

Weapon charges, especially those involving firearms, are prosecuted harshly in Florida, and at The Law Office of Tiffany H....
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Tiffany H. Poore is a first rate lawyer who I don't hesitate to recommend. She does a fantastic job for her clients.

- Rutledge D.

I was extremely happy with Mrs. Poore's representation. She handled my issue quickly and professionally. Highly recommend.

- Amanda G.
Helping You Find Your Way